Green Village is a grassroots national empowerment and developmental program designed to assist the Government’s aim of achieving it millennium development goals in ensuring an improved wellbeing of the common masses through Agro-allied, Real Estate, Vocational Training, Mentorship and Economic empowerment in partnership with the Nigerian Government through the National Youth Council of Nigeria.

At this point in our national history, Nigeria cannot afford the status of a perished Nation.

The youths have to be inspired to believe in the opportunities available within the sovereignty call Nigeria

about green village
about green village

The need for Economic empowerment is no longer a novel ambition, economic empowerment has been discussed on various levels and in various industries ranging from politics to technology and commercial institutions, different methodologies and approach have been developed and even though the disparity is apparent the economic empowerment still remains the main goal.

The creation of an endearing mechanism for critical Economic Development, value reorientation and Poverty eradication across states, culture and ideological divides, that, is what form the essence of Green Village.

We understand that for us to foster grassroots economic development, that economic growth will have to be generated from within our economic systems as a direct result of internal process and investment structures.

Our focus are on key economic areas which are primary pillars for grassroots economic development and core of what Green Village is about.